2020 Hunters Helping Hunters USA
Assistance Program Annual Report

January, 2021

"At the end it's not about what you have or even what you've accomplished. It's about who you've lifted up, who you've made better. It's about what you've given back."  ~Denzel Washington

When an event or situation happens, we often ask ourselves, how, why, or what we could have done different. Things happen and sometimes we have no control over those thing, whatever they may be. What we can control, is how we move forward from that point. By leaning forward and taking that first step we are beginning to take control. We are now on a mission or have a goal or a target to get to.

Hunters Helping Hunters USA, has a mission and that's to help our fellow hunters in their time of need. 2020 was no different in our mission even as the world spun into chaos and uncertainty because of the Covid pandemic. Hunters Helping Hunters USA's focus was on making the mission more accessible. The new web site with an easier and more secure access is about to go live after a great deal of input and help from the board members and the expert help and assistance from Terry Pope.

During 2020, HHHUSA was able to help two families with assistance from donations made to Hunters Helping Hunters USA. Assistance awards cannot happen without donations and support from our hunting community. Those donations are making a difference by not only helping with medical bills or whatever, they help lift a burden from those who are dealing with life changing health or medical events. Your donations are lifting them up, and are making them better. Those donations are your way of giving back to your fellow hunters. You are continuing the tradition of the hunter's way of life by providing for others. That's what we do.

And once again we would like to thank everyone for your continued support.

Total Assistance granted for the year 2020:

Total Assistance granted to date ending 2020: $32,052.16


Mike Bell
VP & Director of Assistance
Hunters Helping Hunters USA, Inc.

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