An unfortunate reality of internet based charities is the risk of misrepresentation and fraud from those seeking help.   The founders of HHH USA recognized this risk nearly 20 years ago and formed a charitable organization they hoped would mitigate it.

The primary manner that HHHUSA mitigates the risk of fraud is to  never give money to directly to the recipient of the grant.  Instead we pay third party creditors of the grant recipient, after independently confirming the debt with the creditor.  HHH USA also supports live local fund-raising benefits after confirming the legitimacy of the cause directly with the benefit organizer, checking references and conducting independent research.  HHHUSA does the fact checking to provide increased comfort to our supporters that their donations are utilized to only help those with legitimate need.  In this way, we make sure the money you donate never goes to anything other than the intended and legitimate request for assistance.

If you wish to make a tax deductible donation to HHH USA, please send checks payable to Hunters Helping Hunters USA, Inc., to:

Hunters Helping Hunters USA
225 Parkman Street
Oakville, CT 06779.


Use the convenient PayPal donate button. Thank you.

The hunting community has always been supportive of its fellow members and their kindness. HHH USA is proud to take part in that long standing tradition. There are no strangers in the hunting community, only friends that we’ve yet to meet.

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