Letter from the Chairman

February 5, 2019

Dear Donors, Volunteers and Supporters… and Recipients,

These are trying times, as they say. There are many things these days to distract our attention. Politics, work, bills, family and social media can be very distracting in our daily lives. One thing that will get us quickly focused is a medical emergency or a death in the family. Once we have recovered from the shock of the event, here come the bills.

My family experienced two deaths in the family within months of each other. I observed several months of bills coming in after the funerals. Fortunately, proper financial planning and resources kept me and my siblings from having to contribute to the cost of giving my father a respectable ceremony. As fortunate as me and my family were that my father had the resources to make the financial plan work, many people are caught off guard or do not have the resources to avoid years of paying off medical or funeral costs. Not knowing where to go for financial help, some people have to sell items or adjust their budget by foregoing things like hunting. Hunters Helping Hunters USA continues to be there in the event or fellow brothers and sisters in the hunting community find themselves needing financial assistance to make the times less trying.

If you are not in need of financial assistance now, maybe you know someone who is. Also, please consider making a donation to help another hunter you may not know.

I am proud to say that since its formation in 2001, HHH USA has paid out $29,274.42 to assist hunters and their families.

As always, the generous support of our donors and volunteers allows HHH USA to be at the ready to help our own in 2019. Thank you for your continued support. May you be blessed in return.

Ken Zeringue

Chairman of the Board

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