Letter from the Chairman

February 23, 2016

Dear Donors, Volunteers and Supporters… and Recipients,

Change. Growth. Expansion.

In business, these buzz words can represent validation of thentrepreneur’s business idea or vision. However, growth and expansion can be a time in a company’s life that is filled with both opportunities and risk. The past few years Hunters Helping Hunters USA (HHHUSA) experienced change. HHHUSA changed its name, created a new website, and added auctions and corporate sponsorship oportunities to the new website. That change did position us to be able to impact areas such as fundraising.

HHHUSA took this opportunity to grow in its fundraising efforts from the usual grass roots efforts with the addition of auctions on our new website. Also, we attempted a new HHHUSA calendar that got rave reviews. We will continue to grow in our fundraising efforts in this next year with more opportunities to contribute to add value another hunter’s life that is in need. Keep coming to the website to see these new endeavors.

For 2016, HHHUSA intends to increase its opportunities to provide assistance by expanding the avenues of getting the word out about our cause. When a fellow hunter or family member experiences the pain of a medical emergency or death, they don’t need the anguish of having to search for help in paying for the high costs associated with that event. This year, HHHUSA will be proactive in going to where the need is. If you need any convincing that there is a need and this is a worthwhile cause, please read our testimonies on the website testimonials page . Your contributions make stories like these possible. I am proud to say that since its formation in 2001, HHH USA has paid out $26,800.46 to assist hunters and their families.

As always, the generous support of our donors and volunteers allows HHH USA to be at the ready to help our own in 2016. Thank you for your continued support. May you be blessed in return.

Ken Zeringue

Chairman of the Board

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