Letter from the Chairman

February 23, 2018

Dear Donors, Volunteers and Supporters… and Recipients,

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to need financial assistance to pay medical bills?

Have you ever been in need but thought that there were other people who were in more need than you?

Recently, I had a medical procedure and a broken tooth a month apart. The crown for the broken tooth and one filling cost, after the insurance discount, over $800 – payable now. Then I went to have my medical procedure done. I asked about the out of pocket expense. They couldn’t give me an estimate right then but happily told me that I had really good insurance. The bill was over $800 – so far. I will be negotiating monthly payments for several months to pay it off. There is the possibility that more dental work and medical procedures will be expected in the near future and other family members are in need of medical attention as well. It is very stressful and can get overwhelming fast. While I have the means to pay these bills, many people don’t.

Imagine having inadequate health insurance or no insurance at all. Hard to imagine? Check out our testimonials page. Now imagine getting many letters and phone calls from doctors and hospitals and having to forego your favorite hunting season because you can’t afford it.

If you are not in need of financial assistance now, maybe you know someone who is. Also, please consider making a donation to help another hunter you may not know.

I am proud to say that since its formation in 2001, HHH USA has paid out $29,077.88 to assist hunters and their families.

As always, the generous support of our donors and volunteers allows HHH USA to be at the ready to help our own in 2018. Thank you for your continued support. May you be blessed in return.

Ken Zeringue

Chairman of the Board

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