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Hunters Helping Hunters USA (formerly Hunters Helping Hunters, Inc.)
Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hunters Helping Hunters USA?
Hunters Helping Hunters USA, Inc. (HHH USA) is a 501 (c) (3) charitable corporation that assist hunting families in the United States that have had an interruption in the family structure or support. Founded by fellow hunters and outdoorsmen from across the country, our mission is to help ease the unexpected financial burden caused by such interruptions so that our recipients can concentrate on the most important things in their lives….their families.

How does the HHH USA raise money?
HHH USA has various fund-raising events each year and accepts individual and corporate tax deductible donations. If you’re interested in donating to HHH USA or volunteering please contact HHH USA at Info@HuntersHelpingHuntersUSA.Org.

What is done with the money that is donated to HHH USA?
Proceeds of fund raising events and donations are awarded applicants who demonstrate financial need. HHH USA pays the creditors of applicants directly and may provide other assistance to applicants as applicable. HHH USA does not make direct grants of cash directly to applicants. Grants are awarded at the discretion of HHH USA. A small percentage of donations may also go toward ongoing business expenses of HHH USA, such as website maintenance.

Who makes the decision how to disburse funds?
The HHH USA Board of Directors reviews applications for assistance and supporting documentation provided by applicants. The Board of Directors votes on whether or not to approve the application and the amount the grant.

When & how did HHH USA get established?
HHH USA officially was incorporated in October 2001 and began active business in February 2002. HHH USA was started by a small group of dedicated volunteers from across the country who felt the need to help their fellow hunters.

How can I assist HHH USA?
By believing in our mission and by being willing to donate time, knowledge, money, or whatever you can spare, on a part-time or some-time basis. Please contact HHH USA if interested.

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