Annual Reports

2017 Hunters Helping Hunters USA Assistance Program Annual Report

February, 2018

The Hunters Helping Hunters USA Assistance Program would like to thank everyone for your continued support throughout the years and look forward to continuing our mission of helping others in need in our hunting community in 2018.

In review of 2017, the HHHUSA Assistance program awarded one application for assistance.   One application award does not tell the rest of the year’s story of the HHH Assistance.   Beyond that one application that was awarded, there were multiple instances where HHH members, friends, family were called to action to our fellow hunters in need.   The HHHUSA Assistance Program, sent out multiple applications, resource information, shared gofundme links, and even made personal contributions to raffles and fundraisers when and where the HHHUSA assistance process was not able to be utilized.

One incident happened locally to myself just days before Thanksgiving, in East Georgia along the Savanna River.   One night as I was scanning Facebook, on my local hunting group page, an emergency call out was posted about a missing duck hunter in the local WMA swamps.  The hunter went hunting alone, early in the morning and had not checked back in by late evening.  In less than an hour, hunters from all across the area showed up in a parking lot to coordinate and help find our missing hunter.  Local law Enforcement and DNR were on scene and the search went throughout the night.    The next day as I was preparing my kayak to join in the search, word came that the missing hunter’s body had been found.   It was unfortunate loss for all his family and friends.  And also the hunting community who jumped at the opportunity to help their fellow hunter in need.   HHHUSA was there afterwards, by contacting close friends and family to let them know that Assistance from HHHUSA is available if needed.

That local group, many who had never met each other, joined together on a mission.  A mission of local hunters helping another hunter and his family in a critical situation.  That’s what we do.   That’s who we are.  We are hunters helping hunters.   And at Hunters Helping Hunters USA, we are here to help those in need.

Total Assistance for the year: $633.92

Total Assistance granted to date ending 2017: $29,077.88

Again, thank you for your continued support of Hunters Helping Hunters USA.


Mike Bell
VP & Director of Assistance
Hunters Helping Hunters USA, Inc.

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