Annual Reports

2015 Hunters Helping Hunters USA Assistance Program Annual Report
February, 2016
Hunters Helping Hunters USA looks back on a languor 2015.
     2015 was Hunters Helping Hunters year of strengthening its new web site to better utilize its online presence, fundraising abilities with new auction links and a streamlined application process that is able to be filled out online. The new web site and online application has put the helping hands of HHH at the ready for assisting our fellow hunters and their families in need. The new system has allowed us to shorten the process with nearly instant communication between HHHUSA and its applicants. It has also greatly reduced the communication gap by eliminating the wait time between request, responses and ground mailing of applications for assistance.
     Going forward, Hunters Helping Hunters USA can now reach out farther
then before to become more visible, and more accessible to the hunting
community. From informing hunters about our application process or collecting and auctioning off donations for fundraising, we believe in the mission whole-heartedly. HHHUSA is prepared to help our friends through any unfortunate and unexpected situations as quickly and timely as we can.
     The Board of Directors, and all of the Hunters Helping Hunters USA
supporters are committed to our mission. And as we look to the future, we can proudly say that HHH USA, is not only in position, but ready and waiting to help and assist the hunting community. We would like to thank everyone for your continued support throughout the years and look forward to continuing our mission of helping others in need in our hunting community in 2016.
Total Assistance granted to date ending 2015: $26,800.46
Mike Bell
VP & Director of Assistance
Hunters Helping Hunters USA, Inc
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